Comms & Outreach

Over the past 5 years Rhiannon has made a consistent effort to not only spread science through her own social media platforms but engage with a wider audience by sharing science via numerous other methods including radio interviews, blog posts, and interviews. These are listed below.

Rhiannon was invited to participate in a radio interview with Einstein A Go Go where she spoke about her PhD work and more broadly about work coming out of her institute.

Rhiannon has also been interviewed by or contributed to blogs from other science communicators including an interview with Soph Talks Science, an interview with Lauren Drogos for The Broad EnquiryWomen doing science feature, a feature with Meg Made Up an Australian Leadership Interview with Victor Perton, she was a contributor for The Addictive Brain Science communications both on instagram and their blog, was featured as part of Fancy Scientists blog  and has a featured profile as part of The STEM Squad and 1 million women in science.

Rhiannon is also part of the #UniqueScientists team – A team of scientists striving to encourage the celebration of diversity in science by highlighting the journeys of #UniqueScientists from all over the world. Her feature can be found here and more information about the #UniqueScientists movement can be found here.

Rhiannon also was invited to write about the International Summit on Human Genome editing for PLOS Synbio, where she and Chris Wallis summarised the summit into a featured blog and hopes to continue to write features for other blogs!

Rhiannon is also the Social Media manager for Titjimbat Gija, a not for profit organisation run in Australia. Titjimbat is a not-for-profit organisation that, with the guidance, permission and collaboration of local communities, facilitates unique community programs in remote Northern Territory during the school holidays.

Learn more about The Unique Scientists movement