Free resources for making figures

Because it’s hard to make nice figures when you don’t have access to expensive software like illustrator! Here is a list of resources that can help you make the best figures possible without breaking the bank because they’re free!

Servier Medical Art – Free downloadable images so you don’t have to spend hours making them yourself!
Screenshot 2019-05-13 17.54.22.png

Inkscape – Similar style to illustrator, allows you to draw your own figures!
Screenshot 2019-05-13 17.58.56.png

Fundamental of data visualisation by Claus O. Wilke – good resource for learning more about how to present data.
Screenshot 2019-05-13 18.01.15.png

R – for plotting data and data visualisation

Screenshot 2019-05-13 18.03.19

Somersault1824 – (Not actually free but pay what you want) for great images
Screenshot 2019-05-13 18.06.11.png

GIMP – Another free image manipulation program as an alternative to illustrator
Screenshot 2019-05-13 18.07.31

Past 3.x – Software with great data analysis features
Screenshot 2019-05-13 18.11.01.png


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