365 days of science in 2018

Yep, guess who’s back at it again.

As some of you may know, in 2016 I read a paper a day every day of the year…. sort of. Check out some of my other blog posts if you want to know more about that. This year (2017) I haven’t done anything along those lines, but after being inspired by a number of scientists on twitter and Instagram I have set myself a new, and much easier challenge for 2018!

*drum roll please*

Next year starting on the 1st of Jan I will be sharing a photo/image each day that relates to something sciencey I did that day. It may be a photo of something I did in the lab, an image from something I read or me simply sharing the beautiful images some other scientists I know create. Thats 365 days of science photos for 2018!

While the aim of the 366 papers challenge I took on in 2016 was for me to get better at reading and digesting scientific literature, this time I want to use this challenge to try and engage with the general public and show people how cool science can be! Let’s trash this idea that science is boring and done in dark rooms by old white men and celebrate the beauty of science and diversity of the people within science!!

I will be sharing these images on this blog, on Instagram and on twitter all using the hashtag #365daysofscience

Here are the links to my twitter account and instagram account where you can follow me!!

Please feel free to join me and share your science pics too! The more people who get involved the better 🙂

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