October: 366 papers in 2016

Oct 1:

Mallon, John, and Scott Bailey. “A molecular arms race: new insights into anti-CRISPR mechanisms.Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 23, no. 9 (2016): 765-766.

Oct 2:

Lagarde, Julien, Barbara Uszczynska-Ratajczak, Javier Santoyo-Lopez, Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Electra Tapanari, Jonathan M. Mudge, Charles A. Steward et al. “Extension of human lncRNA transcripts by RACE coupled with long-read high-throughput sequencing (RACE-Seq).Nature communications 7 (2016).

Oct 3:

Fan, Chenguang, Kevan Ip, and Dieter Söll. “Expanding the genetic code of Escherichia coli with phosphotyrosine.FEBS letters 590, no. 17 (2016): 3040-3047.

Oct 4:

Lajoie, M. J., D. Söll, and G. M. Church. “Overcoming challenges in engineering the genetic code.Journal of molecular biology 428, no. 5 (2016): 1004-1021.

Oct 5:

Jewett, Michael C., and Vincent Noireaux. “Synthetic biology: Tailor-made genetic codes.” Nature chemistry 8, no. 4 (2016): 291-292.

Oct 6:

Qiu, Jing, Jamie McQueen, Bilada Bilican, Owen Dando, Dario Magnani, Karolina Punovuori, Bhuvaneish T. Selvaraj et al. “Evidence for evolutionary divergence of activity-dependent gene expression in developing neurons.” eLife 5 (2016): e20337.

Oct 7:

Venter, J. Craig, Mark D. Adams, Eugene W. Myers, Peter W. Li, Richard J. Mural, Granger G. Sutton, Hamilton O. Smith et al. “The sequence of the human genome.science 291, no. 5507 (2001): 1304-1351.

Oct 8:

Roby, Justin Alexander, Brian C. Keller, Hilario J. Ramos, Michael S. Diamond, and Michael J. Gale. “The JAK/STAT signaling cascades of multiple cytokines are dysregulated during West Nile virus infection.The Journal of Immunology 196, no. 1 Supplement (2016): 217-38.

Oct 9:

Yang, Hairu, and Dan Hultmark. “JAK/STAT and insulin signaling in Drosophila muscles regulate cellular immune responses against parasitoid wasp infection.” (2016).

Oct 10:

Seldon, Crystal S., Lauren E. Colbert, William A. Hall, Sarah B. Fisher, David S. Yu, and Jerome C. Landry. “Chromodomain-helicase-DNA binding protein 5, 7 and pronecrotic mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein serve as potential prognostic biomarkers in patients with resected pancreatic adenocarcinomas.” World journal of gastrointestinal oncology 8, no. 4 (2016): 358.

Oct 11:

Kusano, Seisuke, Mutsuko Kukimoto‐Niino, Nobumasa Hino, Noboru Ohsawa, Masashi Ikutani, Satoshi Takaki, Kensaku Sakamoto et al. “Structural basis of interleukin‐5 dimer recognition by its α receptor.Protein Science 21, no. 6 (2012): 850-864.

Oct 12:

Ernst, Matthias, and Tracy L. Putoczki. “Molecular Pathways: IL11 as a Tumor-Promoting Cytokine—Translational Implications for Cancers.Clinical Cancer Research 20, no. 22 (2014): 5579-5588.

Oct 13:

Robinson, Mark D., Davis J. McCarthy, and Gordon K. Smyth. “edgeR: a Bioconductor package for differential expression analysis of digital gene expression data.Bioinformatics 26, no. 1 (2010): 139-140.

Oct 14:

Babon, Jeffrey J., Jennifer K. Sabo, Jian-Guo Zhang, Nicos A. Nicola, and Raymond S. Norton. “The SOCS box encodes a hierarchy of affinities for Cullin5: implications for ubiquitin ligase formation and cytokine signalling suppression.Journal of molecular biology 387, no. 1 (2009): 162-174.

Oct 15:

Owen, Dianne, and L. C. Kühn. “Noncoding 3’sequences of the transferrin receptor gene are required for mRNA regulation by iron.” The EMBO Journal 6, no. 5 (1987): 1287.

Oct 16:

Privalov, Petkr L., Pedro L. Mateo, Nikolai N. Khechinashvili, Valentin M. Stepanov, and Lyudmila P. Revina. “Comparative thermodynamic study of pepsinogen and pepsin structure.Journal of molecular biology 152, no. 2 (1981): 445-464.

Oct 17:

Abad‐Zapatero, Cele, Timothy J. Rydel, and John Erickson. “Revised 2.3 Å structure of porcine pepsin: evidence for a flexible subdomain.Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 8, no. 1 (1990): 62-81.

Oct 18:

Turpin, David H. “Effects of inorganic N availability on algal photosynthesis and carbon metabolism.” Journal of Phycology 27, no. 1 (1991): 14-20.

Oct 19:

Peisker, M. “Models of carbon metabolism in C3‐C4 intermediate plants as applied to the evolution of C4 photosynthesis.Plant, Cell & Environment 9, no. 8 (1986): 627-635.

Oct 20:

Kanyenda, Limbikani J., Guiseppe Verdile, Ralph Martins, Bruno P. Meloni, Joanne Chieng, Francis Mastaglia, Simon M. Laws, Ryan S. Anderton, and Sherif Boulos. “Is cholesterol and amyloid-β stress induced CD147 expression a protective response? Evidence that extracellular cyclophilin a mediated neuroprotection is reliant on CD147.” Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 39, no. 3 (2014): 545-556.

Oct 21:

Meloni, Bruno P., Laura M. Brookes, Vince W. Clark, Jane L. Cross, Adam B. Edwards, Ryan S. Anderton, Richard M. Hopkins, Katrin Hoffmann, and Neville W. Knuckey. “Poly-arginine and arginine-rich peptides are neuroprotective in stroke models.” Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 35, no. 6 (2015): 993-1004.

Oct 22:

Allegre, Claude J., and Stephen H. Schneider. “The evolution of the Earth.Scientific American 271 (1994): 44-51.

Oct 23:

Margulis, Lynn. “Symbiosis in cell evolution: Life and its environment on the early earth.” (1981).

Oct 24:

Li, Ming O., and Alexander Y. Rudensky. “T cell receptor signalling in the control of regulatory T cell differentiation and function.Nature Reviews Immunology 16, no. 4 (2016): 220-233.

Oct 25:

Takeuchi, Osamu. “Posttranscriptional Regulation of Cytokine mRNA Controls the Initiation and Resolution of Inflammation.Chronic Inflammation: Mechanisms and Regulation (2016): 319.

Oct 26:

Haskett, Timothy L., Jason J. Terpolilli, Amanuel Bekuma, Graham W. O’Hara, John T. Sullivan, Penghao Wang, Clive W. Ronson, and Joshua P. Ramsay. “Assembly and transfer of tripartite integrative and conjugative genetic elements.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2016): 201613358.

Oct 27:

Bombicz, Petra. “X-ray crystallography.” Crystallography Reviews 22, no. 1 (2016): 79-81.

Oct 28:

Shen, Jian-Ren. “Crystallography: Resolution beyond the diffraction limit.” Nature 530, no. 7589 (2016): 168-169.

Oct 29:

Bedi, Rajiv K., Chandan Patel, Vandana Mishra, Huogen Xiao, Rickey Y. Yada, and Prasenjit Bhaumik. “Understanding the structural basis of substrate recognition by Plasmodium falciparum plasmepsin V to aid in the design of potent inhibitors.” Scientific Reports 6 (2016).

Oct 30:

Orlenko, Alena, Russell A. Hermansen, and David A. Liberles. “Flux Control in Glycolysis Varies Across the Tree of Life.” Journal of molecular evolution 82, no. 2-3 (2016): 146-161.

Oct 31:

Havird, Justin C., and Daniel B. Sloan. “The roles of mutation, selection, and expression in determining relative rates of evolution in mitochondrial vs. nuclear genomes.” Molecular Biology and Evolution (2016): msw185.
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