March: 366 papers in 2016

As one of my 2016 scientific resolutions I will be reading one paper every day of the year and posting each here (hopefully) daily. Along with me, Natalie Matosin, Martin Engel and Lauren Drogos will also be doing the same and likewise posting each paper on their respective blogs. You can also follow the three of us and the others who are joining us using the tag #366papers on twitter.

Also find Dr Lauren Drogos here, Dr Natalie Matosin here and find Dr Martin Engel here.

March 1:

Grimes, David Robert. “Proposed mechanisms for homeopathy are physically impossible.” Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies 17, no. 3 (2012): 149-155.

March 2:

Booker, Tom, Rob W. Ness, and Deborah Charlesworth. “Molecular Evolution: Breakthroughs and Mysteries in Batesian Mimicry.Current Biology 25, no. 12 (2015): R506-R508.

March 3:

Kristensen, Niels P., Douglas J. Hilton, Axel Kallies, Liz Milla, Jadranka Rota, Niklas Wahlberg, Stephen A. Wilcox et al. “A new extant family of primitive moths from Kangaroo Island, Australia, and its significance for understanding early Lepidoptera evolution.Systematic Entomology 40, no. 1 (2015): 5-16.

March 4:

Coyne, Jerry A. “The genetic basis of Haldane’s rule.” Nature 314, no. 6013 (1984): 736-738.

March 5:

Trenker, Raphael, Matthew E. Call, and Melissa J. Call. “Crystal Structure of the Glycophorin A Transmembrane Dimer in Lipidic Cubic Phase.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 137, no. 50 (2015): 15676-15679.

March 6:

Chen, Sidi, Neville E. Sanjana, Kaijie Zheng, Ophir Shalem, Kyungheon Lee, Xi Shi, David A. Scott et al. “Genome-wide CRISPR screen in a mouse model of tumor growth and metastasis.” Cell 160, no. 6 (2015): 1246-1260.

March 7:

Tai, Andrew W., Yair Benita, Lee F. Peng, Sun-Suk Kim, Naoya Sakamoto, Ramnik J. Xavier, and Raymond T. Chung. “A functional genomic screen identifies cellular cofactors of hepatitis C virus replication.Cell host & microbe 5, no. 3 (2009): 298.

March 8:

Shalem, Ophir, Neville E. Sanjana, Ella Hartenian, Xi Shi, David A. Scott, Tarjei S. Mikkelsen, Dirk Heckl et al. “Genome-scale CRISPR-Cas9 knockout screening in human cells.Science 343, no. 6166 (2014): 84-87.

March 9:

Zhou, Yuexin, Shiyou Zhu, Changzu Cai, Pengfei Yuan, Chunmei Li, Yanyi Huang, and Wensheng Wei. “High-throughput screening of a CRISPR/Cas9 library for functional genomics in human cells.” Nature 509, no. 7501 (2014): 487-491.

March 10:

Crick, Francis HC, and James D. Watson. “The complementary structure of deoxyribonucleic acid.” In Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, vol. 223, no. 1152, pp. 80-96. The Royal Society, 1954.

March 11:

Domazet-Lošo, Tomislav, and Diethard Tautz. “A phylogenetically based transcriptome age index mirrors ontogenetic divergence patterns.” Nature 468, no. 7325 (2010): 815-818.

March 12:

Koonin, Eugene V. “Comparative genomics, minimal gene-sets and the last universal common ancestor.Nature Reviews Microbiology 1, no. 2 (2003): 127-136.

March 13:

Ciccarelli, Francesca D., Tobias Doerks, Christian Von Mering, Christopher J. Creevey, Berend Snel, and Peer Bork. “Toward automatic reconstruction of a highly resolved tree of 311, no. 5765 (2006): 1283-1287.

March 14:

Krebs, H. A., R. N. Speake, and R. Hems. “Acceleration of renal gluconeogenesis by ketone bodies and fatty acids.Biochemical Journal 94, no. 3 (1965): 712.

March 15:

Lespinet, Olivier, Yuri I. Wolf, Eugene V. Koonin, and L. Aravind. “The role of lineage-specific gene family expansion in the evolution of eukaryotes.” Genome research 12, no. 7 (2002): 1048-1059.

March 16:

Ku, Chuan, Shijulal Nelson-Sathi, Mayo Roettger, Filipa L. Sousa, Peter J. Lockhart, David Bryant, Einat Hazkani-Covo, James O. McInerney, Giddy Landan, and William F. Martin. “Endosymbiotic origin and differential loss of eukaryotic genes.” Nature 524, no. 7566 (2015): 427-432.

March 17:

Ritchie, Matthew E., Belinda Phipson, Di Wu, Yifang Hu, Charity W. Law, Wei Shi, and Gordon K. Smyth. “limma powers differential expression analyses for RNA-sequencing and microarray studies.Nucleic acids research (2015): gkv007.

March 18:

Horlbeck, Max A., Lea B. Witkowsky, Benjamin Guglielmi, Joseph M. Replogle, Luke A. Gilbert, Jacqueline E. Villalta, Sharon E. Torigoe, Robert Tijan, and Jonathan S. Weissman. “Nucleosomes impede Cas9 access to DNA in vivo and in vitro.eLife 5 (2016): e12677.

March 19:

Supple, Megan A., Riccardo Papa, Heather M. Hines, W. Owen McMillan, and Brian A. Counterman. “Divergence with gene flow across a speciation continuum of Heliconius butterflies.BMC evolutionary biology 15, no. 1 (2015): 204.

March 20:

Sork, Victoria L. “Gene flow and natural selection shape spatial patterns of genes in tree populations: implications for evolutionary processes and applications.Evolutionary Applications 9, no. 1 (2016): 291-310.

March 21:

Pishesha, Novalia, Prathapan Thiru, Jiahai Shi, Jennifer C. Eng, Vijay G. Sankaran, and Harvey F. Lodish. “Transcriptional divergence and conservation of human and mouse erythropoiesis.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111, no. 11 (2014): 4103-4108.

March 22:

Pires-daSilva, André, and Ralf J. Sommer. “The evolution of signalling pathways in animal development.” Nature Reviews Genetics 4, no. 1 (2003): 39-49.

March 23:

Vaux, David L. “Basic statistics in cell biology.Annual review of cell and developmental biology 30 (2014): 23-37.

March 24:

Lazcano, Antonio, and Stanley L. Miller. “The origin and early evolution of life: prebiotic chemistry, the pre-RNA world, and time.Cell 85, no. 6 (1996): 793-798.

March 25:

Iismaa, Tiina P., and John Shine. “G protein-coupled receptors.Current opinion in cell biology 4, no. 2 (1992): 195-202.

March 26:

Kershaw, Nadia J., James M. Murphy, Isabelle S. Lucet, Nicos A. Nicola, and Jeffrey J. Babon. “Regulation of Janus kinases by SOCS proteins.Biochemical Society Transactions 41, no. 4 (2013): 1042-1047.

March 27:

Vaux, David L. “Research methods: Know when your numbers are significant.Nature 492, no. 7428 (2012): 180-181.

March 28:

Berthelot, Camille, Frédéric Brunet, Domitille Chalopin, Amélie Juanchich, Maria Bernard, Benjamin Noël, Pascal Bento et al. “The rainbow trout genome provides novel insights into evolution after whole-genome duplication in vertebrates.Nature communications 5 (2014).

March 29:

Carey, Lucas B. “RNA polymerase errors cause splicing defects and can be regulated by differential expression of RNA polymerase subunits.eLife 4 (2015): e09945.

March 30:

Eyers, Patrick A. “TRIBBLES: A Twist in the Pseudokinase Tail.Structure 23, no. 11 (2015): 1974-1976.

March 31:

Xu, Jian, Zhen Shao, Dan Li, Huafeng Xie, Woojin Kim, Jialiang Huang, Jordan E. Taylor et al. “Developmental control of polycomb subunit composition by GATA factors mediates a switch to non-canonical functions.Molecular cell 57, no. 2 (2015): 304-316.
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